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Davenport, IA Workers Compensation Attorneys

Cervantes & Gordon P.L.C.
Attorneys At Law

Cervantes & Gordon, Attorneys at Law provides attorney services for workers compensation – on the job injury cases in Davenport, IA and the entire Quad Cities area. Cervantes & Gordon handles all types of workers compensation cases, so if you need compensation from your employers or their insurance company, call today. Cervantes & Gordon specialize in various workers compensation cases on a contingent fee basis, and only collects a fee if you get compensated.

Our Workers Compensation Law Services Include:

  • Workers Compensation Procedure Advice
  • Aggressive pursuit of Workers Compensation Rights
  • Evaluation of Workers Compensation Entitlement
  • Compensation for Traumatic Injuries
  • Compensation for Gradual, Repetitive Use, or Cumulative Trauma Injuries
  • Compensation for Occupational Diseases
  • Construction Injuries Compensation
  • Railroad Worker Injury Compensation

Cervantes & Gordon Attorneys at Law offer free initial consultation and weekend and evening hours by appointment.

Contact Cervantes & Gordon Attorneys at Law today at 563-441-1919, or continue to browse our website for more information on our personal injury law services, or our probate, estate planning, and real estate law services.

Office Location

  • 5685 McLaughlin Rd, Mississauga, ON
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