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The Best Divorce Lawyer In Ontario

Harvey Specter and The Lincoln Lawyer are fairy tales. As entertaining as they are, lawyers like them don’t really exist… at least until the law changes and it becomes legal to blackmail judges, lawyers, and the public.

A lot of people watch TV shows and films and base their search for a lawyer on the idea of what a lawyer “should be” according to the media they’ve watched.

Over the past decade of my legal practice, I have heard numerous times from clients that they want a “lawyer that is going to fight for them” or “they need a pitbull or shark to tear up the other person”.

Pitbull and shark type lawyers only really exist on TV. If you found one in real life, you would be well recommended to run away. They are of no use to you. The only thing someone hiring a lawyer should be concerned about is winning a case. A lawyer that wins in the courtroom is the one that knows the case, understands the issues, and presents a sound LEGAL argument. Whispering the law is louder than shouting nonsense. Contrary to how we’re portrayed on TV, confident lawyers do not need to yell.

What makes the Best Divorce Lawyer?

When searching for a family lawyer Toronto, you want someone that articulates well, listens to your issues, and who will provide you sound legal advice. You need a lawyer that is going to be technical, competent, and confident in the courtroom. Plain and simple!

Family Law Lawyers

In family law disputes, lawyers deal with various issues ranging from legal to emotional. There is a lot of sadness and sensitivity in the area of family law. This is another great reason you do not want a shark as your lawyer. You need a lawyer that is going to handle their client and their emotions in a professional and humane manner.

An effective family law lawyer works to broker peace between all parties involved. This does not mean the clients have to reconcile – it simply means working on issues in a peaceful manner. Brokering peace is very important in today’s era, due to the shortage of judges and court resources especially in the area of family law. Having a competent and confident lawyer – rather than a shark – is important as they can think outside the box and help suggest other solutions to resolve matters, sometimes referred to as alternative dispute resolution.

When dealing with family law disputes you have two legal systems to choose from.

1. Public – the court system

2. Private – mediation and arbitration.

Sometimes the court system is the only option, but the majority of cases can be easily dealt with through mediation. In the area of family law, mediation is a great tool. It can help parties deal with their family law dispute outside of court in a timely and more cost-effective manner. For this reason, mediation is oftentimes sought out prior to things progressing to the point where a court ruling is required.

Approaches we apply

All divorces don’t have to be ugly, expensive battles. At Trigil Law, we believe in achieving the best outcome for our clients using the best approach available to them, whether that is through mediation, litigation, or lawyer to lawyer negotiation.

Benefits of working with a Family Law Lawyer at Trigil Law

At Trigil Law, you have the benefit of having a team of lawyers behind you.

Our lawyers, collectively, have decades of experience in family law.

When we retain a new client, we engage in a cost/benefit analysis to determine if litigation or mediation is the better route.

When dealing with a matter that involves young children, we work to establish a plan for custody and access at the earlier stages to ensure the best interests of the children are prioritized.

Our firm is a full-service firm, and unlike family law only firms, we have experienced real estate lawyers and Wills & Estate lawyers who are able to provide expertise on other matters which are closely related areas of law and they can affect the separation and divorce process.

Don’t be shy to connect with us to learn more about how we can help you with your family law matter.

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